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The wise build on the Rock.
Build on the solid Rock.
Matthew 7:24

Dear friends of Mountain View Bible Camp,

With only a few weeks to go in 2023, it is a good time to pause and review the many blessings of the year. Though camp had a few gaps in the summer program schedule since Covid, the fall has been busier than ever. We thank the Lord for sending some nice guest groups to help fill up the ministry calendar.

The 2023 camps, for the most part, were well attended. From my perspective, I would always prefer to see every camp session at maximum capacity. Over the years, I have learned that the Lord has plans that I am not aware of until they unfold at the actual session. At times, we are in need of additional staff members. Other times, it looks like we might be over staffed, but the campers that arrive are more challenging than expected. Spiritual, emotional and physical needs are ever changing for the campers we serve. We are very thankful for those who made a profession of faith, recommitted their life to the Lord, and grew in their faith. We are also thankful that our Rock is solid and has proven faithful for the 55 years that camp has existed. We continue to be grateful for each camper and volunteer staff member that attends and serves at MVBC.

As the facility ages, there are growing challenges that we face in the maintenance area. For the past few years, we have upgraded numerous HVAC systems to more energy efficient ones, upgraded lighting, replaced a number of roofs, added ramps and sidewalks to better serve those that utilize camp, and worked on water runoff management. Though we have made good progress in these efforts, we still have more to do.

There are also equipment needs to consider. The camp bus is 32 years old, our maintenance tractor is over 35 years old, and some food service equipment has been in operation for close to 40 years. Like the children of Israel passing through the wilderness, the Lord has helped us maintain what He has entrusted to our care.

Additionally, the staff is also aging and at times we notice some physical limitations. Should the Lord tarry, additional full-time staff will be necessary to keep up with ministry needs.

Please join us in praying for the staff team, for camp programs and for the equipment and maintenance needs. As the Lord, the solid Rock, provides through His people, we will continue to serve all who pass through this ministry.

On behalf of MVBC

Jonathan Stassel
Camp Administrator

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